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Things to look for in Norwegian Getaway review

Things to look for in Norwegian Getaway review

With the Norwegian Getaway now on her way to New York, we are sure it will not be long before the first industry reviews start to appear, although we much prefer a review of the latest cruise ship from the perspective of the consumer. Norwegian Cruise Line had already told us that they were making […]

Norwegian Getaway joins Epic for 2015 onwards

Norwegian Epic calls Barcelona from 2015 onwards

European cruisers were getting the raw end of the deal several years ago, this is because most of the big cruise ship companies would launch a new ship, only for them to be based in the US. However, things have changed a little over the years, and we have seen Norwegian Cruise Line lead the […]

Norwegian Getaway inaugural voyage

Norwegian Getaway inaugural voyage takes in Southampton

With a week to go before the inaugural voyage of the Norwegian Getaway, we thought we would remind people that the ship will take in Southampton before she heads to the US, or more importantly New York – let’s hope that the poor weather conditions in the Atlantic improve by then. If you would like […]

Norwegian Getaway social campaign underway

Norwegian Getaway social campaign intensifies

You know that the Norwegian Getaway will soon enter service and begin the first of her itineraries in 2014 because her social campaign is now well underway. When you visit the Norwegian Cruise Line Facebook page there are a series of images and captions. It is easy to see the Getaway has been generating a […]

Norwegian Getaway hype increases ship expectations

Norwegian Getaway hype increases ship expectations

With the Norwegian Breakaway having received some great reviews and being enjoyed by tens of thousands of people, it will soon be time for the Norwegian Breakaway to start her 2014 Cruise itineraries. She has already passed her 100-day countdown and is currently on 94 days to go, but for some reason we have not […]

Norwegian Getaway countdown to Miami itinerary

Norwegian Getaway countdown to Miami itinerary

The 100 days Norwegian Getaway countdown will begin tomorrow, and so we expect to see their Facebook page countdown to the first sailing just as the Breakaway earlier this year. The first cruise will be a 10-day transatlantic from Southampton on January 16, 2013. However, this is only the build-up to her main itinerary, as […]