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New MSC Cruises job posting to help growth in North America

New MSC Cruises job posting to help growth in North America

Ken Muskat has taken up a recent MSC Cruises job posting as the company’s newest senior VP of Sales and Marketing, as a plan to allow for growth in North America. The reason for this is because it’s his job to help improve marketing and PR for North America. MSC Divina will be at the […]

Latest cruise ship jobs for April 23, 2013

Latest cruise ship jobs for April 23, 2013

We’ve known plenty of people who have been happy with their jobs, as they feel as though it’s not exciting enough for them, as well as the fact they can never seem to see some of the amazing places around the world. However, there is a way where you are able to fulfill both of […]

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Carnival Cruise: Jobs breakdown and benefits

When it comes to fun, memorable holidays and great value for money Carnival Cruise Lines prides itself on delivering this to not only their cruise guests but also their staff. If you have wondered what it would be like to work in the cruise industry then why not take a look at the 2 jobs […]

New Cruise jobs with Royal Caribbean and a Tour operator

Cruising to different parts of the world is an amazing experience and for some it gets even better, if you work on a cruise ship not only do you get to see great destinations but you also get paid to. Royal Caribbean International currently have 22 cruise ships that sail out of different ports in […]

News on cruise ship jobs for UK based vacancies

The idea of working on a cruise ship must be quite the appealing one to those of you that don’t have kids, and why not as visiting places all around the world has to be one of the best job opportunities. If you’re not materialistic and love to take in what the world has to […]