As many of you may be aware we have heard about a few untrusted websites listing cruise ship jobs, so we thought we’ll create a page with the contact details for each cruise liner, and their cruise employment pages.

The most trusted websites will always be the cruise liners themselves, so if these companies have job pages then it is best that you visit them first rather than take risks with some of the less friendly sites. Also some of the cruise ship companies have pages that list current jobs available, which is even better. Look below for details by cruise liner.

Cunard – has some of the UK’s most famous cruise ships, which include Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth. They have two pages for employment, the first is for shipboard jobs and the second is for shoreside positions. This is one of the better cruise companies as they actually list jobs available, another reason to go direct.

Norwegian Cruise Line – has employment opportunities all over the world, whether on a cruise ship or on land they’re always looking for new talent to join their team. NCL has a careers page found here, and it features three sections that include shipboard employment on Pride of America, Norwegian Cruise Line and a corporate employment page. This is again one of the better cruise companies that offer current positions.

Royal Caribbean International – are one of the most popular cruise lines and have set records for largest cruise ships, and as such embrace taking on new people to work both in corporate and in a range of jobs found on cruise ships. They have setup two dedicated websites, one found at, and another found here that gives you a lot of details for jobs with Royal Caribbean, Azamara, Celebrity and Pullmantur.

P&O Cruises / Carnival UK – is another popular UK based company, and they have a dedicated website for jobs at sea and land. The website, called Ocean Opportunities, can be found here and features cruise jobs in hotel, entertainment, marine and technical, medical, cadet and photography. These jobs are for a number of ships in their fleet, and for cruise lines P&O Cruises, Carnival UK, Cunard (again), and Carnival Australia that also has another website at

Disney Cruise Lines – has the fun factor when it comes to cruising, and if you love working with families and children, then the Disney experience is one of the best, as parents know all too well. Disney Cruise Lines has setup a dedicated website like many of the other companies, and it is found at Here you’ll find details on how to contact a “Professional Crew Advisor”, which should be local to your area.

Their website is very professional with videos, and details on how to prepare for your cruise job interview, and you’ll find details on each role you could play onboard a Disney cruise ship.

MSC Cruises – has a careers section that states join “our dynamic organization”, and they ask you to learn more about their company and the opportunities available to you by joining them. MSC Cruises has broken down their jobs section into three areas, “On Land”, “Onboard”, and a “Send your resume” section. You can see the overview page here, although it currently says there are no positions available at the moment, which means it has not been updated or there really isn’t.

Fred. Olsen – has a cruise job area titled “work for us”, and points out that they too have been informed of recruitment “scams”. You can see their warning on this page, which then leads you to a page showing current vacancies for Fred. Olsen. These are broken down, like many other cruise lines, into ship-based and shore-based jobs, which you can choose from on this page.