Awaiting details on Royal Caribbean 2017 Cuba itineraries


If you have always wanted to visit the beautiful country of Cuba, but wanted to appreciate the country while on a cruise, then your options have been limited. However, more cruise lines have been updating their itineraries to include the once black listed country. The latest to do such that is Royal Caribbean, much to the delight of many of us cruise lovers.

We are still awaiting details on the Royal Caribbean 2017 Cuba itineraries, but we cannot see the cruise line making us wait too long, as they know how cruisers much prefer to book early to get their preferred stateroom.

In terms of what ship will be used in the next year’s Cuba cruise sailings, this will be Empress of the Seas, which recently underwent an extensive refurbishment, which now makes sense as to why they chose this ship to have its interior updated.

There have been some concerns as to why people keep paying the money to choose a cruise on older ships such as Empress of the Seas, which first entered service in 1989. Many people believe ships this old are now obsolete, especially when compared to the modern ships. However, you have to look at it from another point of view, and that’s the fact some people feel the more modern ships lack character, and also lack the ability to get into some of the smaller ports, which we know are often more stunningly more beautiful, and not industrialised to make way for the larger ships.

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