P&O customers safety concerns following Dominica bus crash


We learned yesterday of the terrible accident in Dominica that took the life of one Azura passenger, while another 10 passengers on the P&O cruise chip were also injured.

The bus that crashed was carrying 12 people in all in Dominica, and even though it was not operated by P&O Cruises themselves, we have seen on the Facebook page that customers have started to raise concerns about the safety of these small buses that P&O Cruises allow their guests to use.

P&O Cruises said, “please rest assured the safety, security and welfare of all our guests and crew is our absolute priority, so we are working closely with all involved to determine the cause of this accident.”

However, this still does not seem good enough to people and have become very vocal, with many of them saying they have faced a situation in the past where they felt the bus or coach being offered up for people to use on a shore excursion was not road worthy and as such refused to go on it.

Some people have said that tyres were bald, or it just did not look road worthy enough. Now, we do not know the exact details of this, and do not want to put the blame on anyone, as this is down to the investigator, but do you think it is now time for P&O Cruises to now get much tougher with these smaller bus companies?

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