Anthem of the Seas refunds over storm unjust

Anthem of the Seas refunds over storm unjust

Some people will often save up for years to be able to afford a cruise, and it’s so simple for things to be spoilt. Take the recent Anthem of the Seas cruise, as the ship recently sailed into a storm, or more so what was similar to a Category 2 hurricane.

During the cruise passengers were advised by the captain to stay in their cabins. Not only that, but there were many public areas that had sustained damage.

Some gusts of wind reached more than 125 miles per hour, with waves of around 30 feet and reaching the lifeboats.

The thing is, there are times when things like this cannot be helped and so you just have to ride the storm – excuse the pun.

We have seen on a few cruise forums that some Anthem of the Seas passengers that expired the terrible storm feel that Royal Caribbean should issue some sort of refund because of the ordeal they went through.

We have never heard of anything so silly, as things like this happen, and is something you have to expect while on a cruise in the Atlantic, especially this time of year.

There had been rumors that the cruise was to be cancelled, although the weather now seems to have eased, and so there is just no reason to cancel it, as the crew will be able to make general repairs to public areas during the cruise.

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