Royal Caribbean ship updates with gamers in mind

Royal Caribbean ship updates with gamers in mind

Cruise ship companies know that in order to keep passengers on side they need to keep improving technology, such as Internet speeds, as people crave to be able to go online either to talk to loved ones, or to just do what we do on the Internet.

However, there are other forms of technology to help keep passengers occupied, and Royal Caribbean has come up with something to help keep gamers happy.

Royal Caribbean is to update their ships with what they are calling Voom satellite Internet service. This service is said to be so fast that gamers will be able to play online, and there is to also be a dedicated Xbox video game lounge on ships.

There are to be three ships that benefit from this at the start, and these are Anthem of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas.

Disney Cruise Line is also moving forward and aiming some of its entertainment features on gamers, and the Disney Infinity play room is a fine example of that. However, there is also a full-sized replica of the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit and a separate engine room that is filled with Star Wars video games, such as a Holochess table.

If you are a gamer and would like to see something different brought to cruise ships, what would it be?

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