Saga Sapphire update over missing passenger

Saga Sapphire update over missing passenger

The most recent update concerning the missing passenger that is said to have fallen overboard while on the Saga Sapphire, was that a full search of the ship revealed the person to be missing. The cruise ship then turned around in accordance with the maritime authorities to help conduct a search.

From the lack of update son the Saga Twitter, Facebook and press pages, we can only assume that the missing lady has not been found.

Saga has issued a message to the family, along with the companion that had been traveling with this missing person.

It has not been established as to how this person fell overboard, but you can be certain that the Saga Sapphire will be going over all video footage they have in order to find out just what happened, although there is a chance that they will never found out.

We ask that you keep an eye on the Saga Cruise Line social channels for the latest updates.

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