Regal Princess six-part TV series airs in March

Regal Princess six-part TV series airs in March

The Cruise is a new six-part ITV series that will be set aboard the Regal Princess, and is due to air in March 2016. Viewers will get to watch the lives of the crew and the cruise ship passengers as she sails to various destinations, such as northern Europe and Russia.

Not to be confused with the show that aired on TV earlier this year, as this one gives us a rare insight into the day-to-day running of the ship, and the various roles the 1,400 strong crew are involved with to make certain that the Regal Princess runs as smoothy as possible.

We will get to see what the crew and passengers get up to, even down to the most flamboyant ones that keep returning to Princess Cruises. Viewers also get an insight into the captains life on the ship, along with the hotel manager, and also the head chef.

People tend to forget about how much effort it takes to run a cruise hip, especially as the Regal Princess is like a floating hotel, although has a lot more issues to face than a normal hotel.

Will you be watching The Cruise in March on ITV?

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