Latest Celebrity Summit update concerning accident

Celebrity Summit update

The latest update that we have in regards to the accident that happened on Tortola, is that it involved several people from the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, where sadly two of the passengers died, and another 16 were injured.

They had to be taken to hospital, where the Celebrity Summit captain also attended the hospital to see how the injured passengers were. We do not have the exact details as to those people that sadly lost their lives, although this is a personal time for the families, and for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean to also find out just what went wrong.

The current Celebrity Summit cruise had been delayed, but is now on route to her next destination. However, we are not certain as to what happened to all passengers that were injured and taken to hospital but our best guess is that they are still being treated.

We do know that several of them had been released,although at least two are still in a critical condition. We also know that the bus was independently operated, and so not part of any Celebrity shore excursion. However, this does not stop parent company Royal Caribbean from felling terrible about this, and will no doubt highlight the risk of not going on one of their tours, as they have to make certain they are safe for their passengers.

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