Norwegian Escape’s Margaritaville at Sea sample prices

Norwegian Escape's Margaritaville at Sea fee introduced

There is always a price to pay for success and an example of this is with the Margaritaville at Sea restaurant on Norwegian Escape, as passengers have wanted to get a taste of this Jimmy Buffett dining venue.

Its success has now left a horrible taste in the mouth of people that sail on the Norwegian Escape, because what was once a complimentary restaurant, has now been changed into a speciality a la carte restaurant.

Norwegian Cruise Line said that something had to be done because of waiting times of over an hour, and so a fee had to be implemented.

Many guest were left angry of the fact they were unable to sample the food at Margaritaville at Sea because of it being so busybut we have to wonder if they wished they kept quiet, seeing as though a fee has now been introduced?

Cruise Critic has been sent in what is said to be the sample prices from the menu, such as burger and fries for $9.98 and fish tacos for $6.99. There is also an 18 percent gratuity on top of those prices as well.

Are you in favor of this move to turn the Margaritaville at Sea into a speciality restaurant?

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