Costa Diadema begins new sustainable food project

Costa Diadema begins new sustainable food project

It’s no secret that environmentalists hate the amount of waste food that cruise ships generate, although we have slowly seen some improvements over the years. However, Costa Cruises has started a new three-year project in an effort to promote sustainable food on its cruise ships. The first ship to be taking part in this project is the Costa Diadema, as chefs will be making pizzas prepared exclusively with natural yeast.

While this sounds like a very small step, you would be surprised at how much difference it would make when implemented throughout the entire Costa fleet.

Costa and UNISG are working together on the project in order to help enhance the food, such as its flavour, and in doing so will help to promote a better diet, and if the food taste better, then there is less chance of waste. However, one of the biggest issues we believe that causes waste are the buffet restaurants onboard ships.

We know they are less fuss than the other restaurants on these ships, but the amount of food that we pile on our plates, and to just leave a huge portion of it to be thrown away is beyond silly.

Costa all aims to educate guests about how important it is to have an awareness about the value of food, and so will aim to train them during a cruise. This is to also start on the December 5 cruise on Diadema. You can download the full details on this news here.

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