Carnival Cruise Line’s Christmas experiences with the Grinch

Carnival Cruise Line's Christmas experiences with the Grinch

Carnival Cruise Line has added another dimension to their Seuss at Sea program, as something else has been added to these already, full and fun-filled experiences. As part of the Carnival Cruise Line’s Christmas experiences, children will be able to meet The Grinch. We all know what he thinks about the festive season, so will be interesting to see what they make of him, and if they can get him to change his negative views.

The Grinch will be wearing his Santy Claus costume, but he won’t be feeling very festive at first. He will not be in just one part of the ship, but will be moving throughout the ship. This is a better way of doing it, as you do not get a build-up of passengers waiting to see him.

Not only that, but it’s much better to never know where the Grinch will appear on the Carnival cruise ship you are on, and so he will certainly surprise you.

We can expect him to get up to his usual tricks, such as trying to stop Christmas from coming. However, we highly doubt that young cruisers will allow him to get away with it.

There is a huge range of other Grinch activities going on throughout Carnival ships during December, full details of which can be found here, such as appearing at the end-of-cruise holiday show.

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