Fred Olsen Boudicca refurbishment includes Balcony Cabins

Fred Olsen Boudicca refurbishment includes Balcony Cabins

The Fred Olsen cruise ship Boudicca is now making her way to the Lloyd Werft shipyard in Germany, where she is to undergo a refurbishment for some much needed improvements. One of which is to include terrace balconies to 28 of its cabins, which will need to be ready for her 2016/17 cruise itineraries.

While in dry dock these new balconies will extend 1.2 metres out from the ship’s bulkhead, all of which will be on Lido Deck 7. This is not the only change, as engineering work is to be carried out, along with exterior painting and a general renovation of key areas of the ship.

Fred Olsen understands that their customers want balcony terraces, and so have made the changes on all but one of their ships, and so once the Boudicca improvements have been made, this will mean all of the fleet will offer the choice of a balcony terrace.

These improvements will be very much needed, as Boudicca has a busy schedule for its 2016/2017 season.

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