Disney Magic cruise itineraries showing Tangled

Disney Magic cruise itineraries showing Tangled

Several days ago the first Tangled show was shown on the Disney Cruise ship Magic, but do not worry if you have missed it, as the Magic itineraries that you will be able to watch this show on will run now through to 2016. All will depart from Miami, Florida, and we know for certain all passengers will truly love it.

You can see all of the Disney Cruise Magic ship sailings here showing Tangled, prices of which start from as little as £708, although that is only for 3 days.

This show is described as an original Disney Cruise Line stage spectacular that immerses audiences in Rapunzel’s fairytale world. The production is lavish, with a spellbinding musical argument.

Three new songs have been created for this show thanks to the creative talent of Alan Mencken and Glenn Slater, who are an Academy Award-winning composer and Grammy Award-winning lyricist respectivly.

We all know the story of Tangled, although it was not easy adapting it from the screen to the stage, especially one at sea. Full details of this show can be found on Disney Cruise Line News.

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