Latest Le Boreal news, cruse cancelled with compensation expected

Latest Le Boreal news

Passengers that were on the current Le Boreal cruse had to be evacuated because of a fire that broke out in the engine room. The incident happened at just after 2AM local time near Cape Dolphin, which is just north of the Falkland Islands.

Of the 347 passengers and crew aboard, 19 of them had to be air lifted to safety from the life rafts. Thankfully, the rest were transferred to another ship safely.

Even though no one was injured, you can understand that those passengers that had been enjoying the cruise are now upset that the Le Boreal cruse has been cancelled.

Compagnie du Ponant, the company that own the ship has not offered many details, but you would assume compensation is expected, even if they are being transferred to L’Austral.

ITV News reports that this ship is only being used to repatriate the passengers, and so this cruise is pretty much over with.

It’s not sure if they will get a free cruise on Le Boreal or some sort of compensation.

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