Celebrity Cruises Suite passenger benefits in 2016

Celebrity Cruises Suite passenger benefits in 2016

If you plan on booking a Suite class on a Celebrity Cruise in 2016, then you will be able to make use of a few extra benefits, these include snacks, better bath products and in some suites, Champagne. If you are to pay out for Sky Suites, you will then get access to Michael’s Club.

That’s not the only extra benefit, as every suite will also come with its own personal butler and exclusive restaurant, private lounge with its own concierge, making them the only cruise line to do such a thing.

Once eliminated and now coming back are Bulgari bath products, which we know has been sorely missed by passengers. We do not know why Celebrity Cruises has had a change of heart, but it’s good to seem them listening to their passengers.

More details can be found on the Celebrity website, But we thought you might like to know that there is currently a Celebrity Cruises offer on suites departing between January 2016 and April 2017.

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