Backlash over Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest Upcharges

Backlash over Norwegian Cruise Line's latest Upcharges

Norwegian Cruise Line had first introduced higher fees in its main dining menus aboard Norwegian Escape, and now it looks as though those fees are being implemented throughout the fleet.

It seems that a Cruise Critic forum member has just shared details that if you want to order the Prime rib in the main dining room, then it is no longer free. This main staple meal is just one of many that is now classed as an extra fee item.

We can already see that these Upcharges have started to cause a huge backlash from those that plan to cruise with NCL in the future, and those that had been thinking of booking a cruise, are considering of defecting to Royal Caribbean instead.

The price for the prime rib is now $14.99, the lobster $19.99 and the Surf and Turf will now cost $24.99.

Many cruisers are now asking that the CEO be removed because of these blatant increases, which comes just after he had also said prices of Norwegian cruises are set to increase as well, and keep going up.

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