Norwegian Cruise Line price hike set to continue

Norwegian Cruise Line price hike set to continue

Have you booked a cruise lately because chances are if you have, you would notice how prices keep increasing. It is all very well seeing some of those latest cruise offers, but where you have to pay the standard rate, the prices have increased, even with companies such as Thomson Cruises.

Some cruise lines try their best to hide these increases, but the president and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Frank Del Rio has done no such thing. He has said that raising cruise prices is the way to maintain sustainability and to drive its own revenue up.

He also went on to say that by introducing new ships is the perfect way to make fares that much higher, along with increased prices for onboard services – maybe he means drinks and dining?

You have to admire the fact that Frank Del Rio has been so honest, but it might be a hard sell in future seeing as though the cruise industry is getting so competitive, with some of the big players launching new ships to allow them to stay relavant.

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