Unique 2015 Melbourne Cup experience for cruisers

Unique 2015 Melbourne Cup experience for cruisers

Cruise ship passengers heading to Melbourne will be able to enjoy a unique experience while attending the 2015 Melbourne Cup, seeing as though several ships will be in port at once. However, one ship will get to enjoy an even better experience because of having to sail under Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge today.

The ship in question is the Pacific Dawn, which is part of P&O Cruises Australia. The reason why is because the number of ships that will already be in port, and so this lack of space has meant this fourth ship will have to travel up the Yarra River and then head to the Victoria Dock instead.

There is not a great deal of clearance sailing under this bridge, and so Pacific Dawn passengers will certainly get a nice view, as there will be just about 3 metres to spare.

While in port, and to get into the horse racing spirit, jockeys and racing personalities will make up part of the entertainment on all ships in port to coincide with the 2015 Melbourne Cup. Those of you not attending the event will also be able to watch live coverage on the ships, and to see this year’s winner.

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