New Carnival Chinese cruise line timeline, ship details omitted

New Carnival Chinese cruise line

We have already heard of several cruise companies sending new or current ships to China in the coming years, but none of them have committed to starting a completely new brand for the Chinese market. Carnival Corporation has said they are to create a brand new cruise line for China, and while they may borrow a few existing ships from other fleets, this will be in preparation for all-new ships.

Carnival Corporation has signed an agreement with China Investment Corporation, as well as China State Shipbuilding Corporation, which is the biggest shipbuilder in the country. This deal was done in the UK in front of British Prime Minister David Cameron, as the chairman of Carnival UK will be overseeing this new venture.

What’s very annoying is how there are very little new Carnival Chinese cruise line details, such as ship details, and timeline. Having said that, we have heard that the size of the ships will be similar to those used for the UK market, but would you be talking, Azura/Ventura size or Britannia?

There are going to be so many interesting questions that will need to be answered, one of which will be in regards to the smoking policy, as we know the rules in China are different those in the US and UK.

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