Splendour of the Seas October 24 sailing delay possibility

Splendour of the Seas October 24 sailing delay possibility

Royal Caribbean has done a good job of keeping the Splendour of the Seas fire out of the news, which would be a different story if it were Carnival. However, because some people from Cruise Critic are aboard, this news was able to get out there.

Splendour of the Seas was coming to the end of its cruise when a fire broke out in the engine room, and passengers on Deck 2 and 3 were ordered to their musters stations.

However, after a short period of time passengers were allowed back to their cabins because the fire was under control thanks to the fire suppression systems in the engine room.

The cruise line said that they were over cautious, and Cruise Critic did say that they never saw any thick smoke, although they did say the smell was very strong.

While the ship is underway, she had to miss one stop, and now there is a question mark as to weather its October 24 sailing will have to be delayed so that an assessment can be made.

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