Majestic Princess cost for new cruise ship

Majestic Princess cost for new cruise ship

Princes Cruises is reacting to the upsurge in the cruise industry in China, as its third Royal Class ship is to be built and sent to China, where her homeport will be Shanghai. The name of this ship will be Majestic Princess, although will have a Chinese name on the hull, and the price in all will total €600 million.

The company believes they are the first cruise line to offer a premium cruise option to holidaymakers in China, although we suspect that rival companies beg to differ. Having said that, while some of them are only moving older ships to the region, it is good to see Princess Cruises investing such a huge sum of money to offer a brand new ship to China.

We don’t yet know the full Majestic Princess details, although we do know it will share many of the features as its two sister ships. Having said that, there will have to be a few differences because the Chinese market is different to those of us in the Western World.

There is to be a huge focus on food, such as offering traditional Chinese dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is to also be T’ai chi at sea, subtitled Hollywood movies, ballroom dancing, Chinese satellite TV channels and so much more.

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