No Star Princess cancellation from norovirus outbreak

No Star Princess cancellation from norovirus outbreak

There had been a small norovirus outbreak on the previous sailing of Star Princess, but thankfully it was almost at the end of the cruise, and so once passengers disembarked crew were able to begin the cleanup ready to receive the next lot of passengers.

Thankfully, there was no Star Princess cancellation, it’s just the sailing had to be delayed in order for the ship to be made safe for the next lot of passengers to board.

It was certainly great timing for this virus to start hitting people so late into the cruise, otherwise we would have seen more than just a few guests taken to hospital for treatment and dozens more being struck with norovirus.

Those numbers are based on most reports, but there have been some passengers confirming that at four different ports they saw guests being taken off the ship in ambulances, and so that means more than 5 were taken seriously ill to warrant a trip to the hospital.

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