Holland America gratuities price bump angers passengers

Holland America gratuities price bump

While most cruisers are happy to pay gratuities while on their cruise, there are a minority of people that do not agree with the system and would much rather reward those that deserve it most. With this is mind; we have since received several emails from future Holland America passengers.

The reason for this is because Holland America has increased its daily gratuity from December 1, 2015, and this price bump has angered those people set to sail after that date.

The new Holland America gratuities pricing is as follows: If you have an interior, oceanview and verandah stateroom, then the new price will be US$12.50, an increase of a dollar per person, per day. If you are in a suite, then the new price is US$13.50 PP/PP, which is an extra $1.50.

Holland America is not the first cruise line to increase their hotel service charge, as Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have also.

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  • Tobias

    Just pay it! If you can’t afford a cruise with all the 5* service don’t go and stay home! They want to get the best of the best service and if they not they all complain. So for service you need to pay. And the people who are saying to do tipping by them self are useless. 10 dollar pp for a 7 day cruise?!??

  • Henry Hejocokor

    In fact… plenty passenger do not pay gratuities as mentioned and it impact to crew salary.
    The worst thing, HAL still accept their excuse to not pay for it.
    Poor you hey poor passenger!

  • Sheila Tait

    They already charge 15% on top of drinks , so as far as I’m concerned that’s enough. Take it offal reception .

    • Jonna-Li Catrini

      The drink gratuity goes towards the baristas and bar waiters. The stateroom gratuity goes towards about 400-700 other people, the ones making your bed, sorting your trash (yes that is a job) the chefs, waiters and hundreds of other people who make your ship run but do not ever see above the water line. Your waiter in the Lido only make $1.17 a day and has to pay for his own laundry and room cleaning. the $0.05 he makes from that $12.50 is far less than any tip you would have paid your waiter at applebee’s let alone a fine dining restaurant.

  • Ceilla Norman

    I was working on thecruise ship for 4 years, but I quite 3 years ago. When the passanger don’t pay gratuity, our salary won’t be as much as we expected. It can be very sad. Sometimes, there are some passanger who act really nice in front of us. But at the end of the cruise when they saw their bill, they’ll make excuses to not to pay their gratuity by saying we didn’t do a good job. And it will screw us up. Not only our salary decrease because the passanger refuse to pay for gratuity, but we also get pressure from our supervisor and bosses. They will inspect our area and it can be end up losing our job as well.

  • George Leong

    Why not make gratuity part of the over all cruise bill? It doesn’t make sense to keep it separate. It amazes me how cheap some people can be. Cruising is one of the best bargains there is when you think about what it offers – hotel (cabin), travel (ship), tons of food, daily and nightly entertainment, use of multiple pools & gym, activities, etc is included. Try that with other vacations and you’ll not come close.