Princess Cruises enhance Internet packages with new pricing

Princess Cruises enhances Internet packages

Carnival Corporation understands that the way we use the Internet is different for certain people, as not all of us spend time online doing the same thing. The thing is, some of you just want to go on to social media to catch up with people, whereas others prefer to surf the Web, or even stream music or videos, and so new Internet packages had to be released.

Princess Cruises is one of the 10 cruise lines owned by the Carnival Corporation that will introduce three new Internet packages, all of which has pricing to cater for different needs.

Estimated cost for these new Princess Cruises Internet packages: The first Internet plan is called Social and limits access to up to eight social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter at a cost of $5 per day or $25 for 7 days. Then there is Enhanced giving users increased Internet usage for $16 for 24 hours or $60 for the week. Finally, there is Premiere, which gives you full access, including video streaming. The price is expected to cost around $25 each day and $99 for the entire week.

These prices have been based on what Holland America Line charge, and so we believe that Princess Cruises will charge roughly the same. We do not know when these new packages will be brought in, but Carnival says that 40 percent of their cruise line brands will have it by the end of 2015, with the rest coming throughout 2016.

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