Failed Norwegian Star disembarkation renews dredging necessity

Failed Norwegian Star disembarkation

It was yesterday when we reported on the fact that Norwegian Star passengers were not happy about being told they were not allowed to disembark the ship on Monday morning because of circumstances beyond the captains control. This has since sparked of a new debate for calls for the dredging of Falmouth harbor to finally go ahead.

It’s been said that because Norwegian Star was unable to come into the harbor there was a lost revenue of around £100,000, which was a huge blow to many shops in the area, as they had opened up and got in extra stuff for the influx of visitors.

There was a combination of factors that stopped the Captain from allowing disembarkation of the ship. First up was the fact that the cruise ship could not come into the harbor because it needs to be dredged, so therefor the ship could not come right in.

Secondly, the wind was so bad and so the swell was too high for passengers to come into Falmouth via tender.

Local shop owners, and also Falmouth Cruise Ship Ambassadors, which had 28 coaches ready for the influx of visitors, have now urged the council to part with the money and finally pay for the dredging like it had meant to ages ago.

Sarah Newton, MP for Truro and Falmouth is adamant that consent for dredging to begin will be given environmental very soon, which is very good news.

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