Norwegian Star misery continues for passengers

Norwegian Star misery continues for passengers

If you are one of the passengers currently on the Norwegian Star today, then you would have experienced double the amount of misery yesterday; first because the Captain did not allow people to depart the ship at Falmouth, and second because when the ship was going to get underway again, she had to slow down for the Coastguard to land helicopter on the ship.

The Captain of the Norwegian Star had to make an emergency call so that the Coastguard could airlift a passenger that had been taken ill to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. This would not have been an issue if she could have made it closer to the port like she had intended to.

While she was anchored out of port the huge swell meant that it was to dangerous for tender boats to transfer passengers to land, and so decided to start sailing to her next destination.

This was a huge blow to the passengers wanting to visit Falmouth Bay and the surrounding areas. We are not sure what Norwegian Cruise Line plans to do about skipping a port, but we suspect they would have offered some free on-board credit, or something else as a way to make good.

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