Gregory Porter joins Queen Mary 2 Blue Note jazz cruise

Gregory Porter joins Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 M526 sailing that leaves New York for a 7-night cruise is the one with the Blue Note Jazz theme. We already know that Natalie Cole will headline the first ever cruise with this entertainment, although we have since been told that Gregory Porter is to also join the cruise.

Most Jazz fans will already be familiar with the work of this Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, and those that have book on the cruise that sails at the end of October will; feel very honored to be in his compnay.

This really will be one star-studded cruise for those into this genre of music, although the icing on the cake still has to be the magnificent Natalie Cole. That being said, Gregory Porter is also a great star booking.

For a look at all the performers and the Onboard Sample Schedule for the 15 shows, then please head to for full details.

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