Royal Caribbean increasing commission payments for agents

Royal Caribbean increasing commission payments for agents

Travel agents always rely on a decent commission from cruise lines, and this also works the other way because without these agents bookings would be down significantly. Royal Caribbean International recognizes this and has since taken the decision to make another £1.5 million available in rewards for these agents.

Club Royal now has new tiers to reward top performing agents, and for the first time, regional sales managers for those agencies. This program is used by around 6,500 agents on the front line taking your calls, and currently earn on average £5 per booking.

However, in a way to encourage greater sales, those agents can earn £1,000 in rewards along with other bonuses throughout the year. Some agents have even earned £10,000 for those that excel, and to think, Royal Caribbean want to offer more.

The cruise line is also in talks with Thomas Cook and Tui to offer these incentives to regional sales managers, although those talks are still in the early stages.

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