Disney Cruise Line 2016 options for UK residents

Disney Cruise Line 2016 options for UK residents

If you have a young family and are thinking of doing a cruise holiday, then we would have to say you cannot beat Disney Cruise Line, as they really know how to cater for families with young children. If you live in the UK and are thinking of booking one of these cruises next year, then there are three options available to you.

Those three Disney Cruise Line 2016 options for UK residents are Cruise packages with UK flights, Cruises That Visit Europe, and those that depart from Dover, England.

You can choose to book a European cruise package with flights included by calling 0800 169 0742. If you would rather choose a cruise that will visit Europe to experience the beautiful scenery, then you can do so by heading to the Disney Cruises UK website.

However, new for 2015 and 2016 are those cruises that depart from the historical port of Dover. From there you will be able to sail to various destinations, such as Barcelona, Finland and Russia.

Just as a reminder, included in your cruise are all amenities and activities, Full Board, Unlimited snacks, soft drinks, tea and coffee, and Wave phones that you can contact all other parties in your group for free.

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