Britannia cruise ship entertainment review, needs improving

Britannia cruise ship entertainment review

The P&O cruises ship Britannia has been in service since March, which is when she entered service. We had to double-check that, as it does seem longer that that. In that time she has pleasured many customers with some wonderful cruise destinations, and as such also won an award for the best new ship.

We have seen various P&O Cruises Britannia ship reviews over the months, although the P&O Cruises website is always a good options because these are based on those that had already cruised on her. You would think that the company would be biased and only put the positive reviews up, but this is not the case.

The UK cruise company feels that it is important to offer honest Britannia reviews, as they feel it is a good way to see in what areas they need to make improvements.

When you sign-in to give your honest opinion about the cruise you have had the questions are broken down into various categories. They are Dining, Entertainment, Cabin and Service.

Looking over the overall Britannia review scores we can see right away one area that needs improving and that is entertainment. Having been on several cruises with P&O we can understand why this is. The evening entertainment is very good, but there needs to be more fun things to do during the day, as this silly talks about birthstones or beauty products just does not cut it with most UK cruisers.

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