Celestyal Cruises Nefeli ship refurbishment ahead of 2016

Celestyal Cruises Nefeli ship refurbishment ahead of 2016

The MS Gemini, or Celestyal Nefeli, as she is now known will undergo a refit once her charter ends in October. She is to replace the Celestyal Odyssey and then will sail from February 2016 onwards.

So why Celestyal Nefeli? Well she is being named after the Greek goddess of hospitality and cloud nymph, which sounds appropriate for the first part of the meaning.

Many of the main ports in the Med that cater for the larger cruise ships are very industrial ports, and so doesn’t offer stunning views. However, the Celestyal Nefeli and other ships in the fleet enter more boutique harbors, which makes it worthwhile getting up early to take in the wonderful scenery.

We are not sure what changes will be made to the ship before she enters service with Celestyal Cruises, but we would presume that all public areas of the ship will be completely refurbished so that passengers enjoy their time on this updated cruise ship.

Celestyal Cruises Nefeli ship itineraries for 2016 will consist of areas of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Izmir and Kusadasi.

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