Kimberley Cruises 2016 specials with first hand advice

kimberley Cruises 2016 specials

If you have ever wanted to explore the Kimberley Coast, then you are best to book a cruise to get up close and personal. However, you do not want to book with a company that caters for many different itineraries, and so you are far better opting for Kimberley Cruises.

This company is able to offer passengers first hand advice because they are based right in Kimberley, and so if you were thinking of booking up, may we suggest one of the Kimberley Cruises 2016 specials.

These 2016 Early Birds are priced at 2015 rates so you might want to have a look over the selection of cruises available. Some of them includes return flights from your nearest capital city, along with 2 nights accommodation.

You can also go for the Coral Expeditions 2015 or 2016 Kimberley, where you get return flights and 1 night stay for just $499 per person, although terms and conditions do apply.

We have highlighted those two specials just as a taser, but there are far more offers to choose from.

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