Sanctuary Cruises calendar of events for September

Sanctuary Cruises calendar of events for September

We never really talk about charter cruises because they have very little to do with the main cruise industry. However, we felt the need to mention Sanctuary Cruises because those of you lucky enough to be on one of the small vessels were able to capture the moment when a humpback whale breached the water on camera.

The footage that you can see on BBC News shows the whale launching itself out of the water and appears to land on a kayak. But thankfully the people were fine.

Now this footage has gone viral we expect charter cruises of this type to become far more popular, in the hope that passengers get to see something very similar.

If you are looking to book one of these, then you might want to look at the calendar of Sanctuary Cruises of events for September. You will notice that a few of the days left on there are sold out, and so you might want to book one of these very soon.

You could be lucky enough to be on a Jewel of the Seas, or Celebrity Infinity cruise, as both of these ships will visit the port of Monterey, which is near where the amazing sight took place.

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