MSC Meraviglia deck plans coming soon

MSC Meraviglia deck plans coming soon

The MSC Meraviglia is still a long way off; as she will not enter service until summer 2017, but that has not stopped cruise lovers from asking about where the deck plans are. Looking at the website we can see that the MSC Meraviglia deck plans are coming soon.

Ok, so this is not exactly a specific date, but this is as much as we can tell you for now in terms of how long you will have to wait in order to get to know the MSC Meraviglia layout.

The good news is, you can already get an introduction of the ship by heading to the MSC Cruises website, where you can also see the different MSC Meraviglia staterooms and suites, and public lounges, which also includes the restaurants and entertainment areas.

While we wait for more details to be shared with us, we will tell you that the MSC Meraviglia size will be 1033 feet long, will hold up to 4,500 guests, and will feature some larger family staterooms to cater for more than four people.

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