Removing Norwegian Cruise Line’s gratuities now harder

Removing Norwegian Cruise Line's gratuities now harder

Most cruise lines require you to pay a service charge or gratuity as most people call it, although you do have the option to opt out during the booking process. Norwegian Cruise Line has now updated its DCS so that you can only remove gratuities once you have come back off your cruise.

Seasoned cruisers appreciate the hard work that onboard staff do on a day-to-date basis, and agree they should be rewarded. There are those passengers that believe the crew are doing their job and that you should make up your own choice if certain people deserve a tip or not.

Norwegian Cruise Line were very quiet on this change of policy, and so people are now shocked that they have could not find a way to remove it, which promoted a phone call to the company. Not being able to remove it until after the cruise is seen as a way of forcing people to not go through the hassle, and so giving worthy staff a greater chance of being rewarded.

Are you in favor of tipping the staff, but if not what are your thoughts on this policy change?

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