Qsine iOS 9 update dilemma for onboard iPads

Qsine iOS 9 update dilemma for onboard iPads

Qsine is a specialty restaurant onboard some Celebrity cruise Line ships, and what makes them stand out against other restaurants within the cruise industry is its way in which you look at the food and drink menu. Qsine uses an iPad in order for you to choose your menu and drink to go with your meal, and over the years have needed to keep updating the software and hardware.

Celebrity now faces a dilemma later today because iOS 9 will go live, and so the iPads onboard those Celebrity cruise ships will need to be updated. We have reached out to the cruise line to find out when they plan to upgrade, but we have yet to hear back.

However, we would presume that they would wait until these ships come into their homeport, and take all the iPads off the ship and to their local office in order to connect to a faster Internet connection. This is because WiFi is slow on the ships, and so will take an age to download the updates on all the iPads.

Having said that, we are not certain if Celebrity will want to upgrade their iPad collection to iOS 9 anytime soon, seeing as though they only really use them for the ordering of food and drink, and so having the latest software update is of no great importance.

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