Norwegian Bliss booking desired now construction started

Norwegian Bliss booking desired

Cruise lovers have now started to wonder when Norwegian Bliss booking will start seeing as though the steel cutting process got underway yesterday. This is the start of the Norwegian Bliss construction process, and so we will be eager to see how the progress goes over the coming months.

We do not have a specific date when Norwegian Bliss bookings begin, although we expect her itinerary program to be shared with us by the end of the year.

Let’s not forgot, Norwegian Cruise Line does not need to rush, seeing as though the sister ship to Escape will not enter service until spring 2017. Speaking of Escape, she will enter service next month.

Once bookings do go live it will be interesting to see how popular the itinerary will be, and the fact that the company said Bliss will bring something new and special to its fleet- whatever that may be.

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