New Celebrity Cruises Waitrose food and drink partnership

New Celebrity Cruises Waitrose food and drink partnership

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to the food served on a Celebrity cruise ship, it is of a far better quality and is presented in a much better way than some of its rival cruise lines. Some would say some of the food on those other lines is on par with Lidl, whereas Celebrity is Waitrose quality.

It’s for this reason why Celebrity Cruises has a new series of videos that highlight their new partnership with Waitrose. These videos showcase the superior food and drink, which help to make your travel experiences that much better.

In the videos we get to learn some secrets of a city that are less well-known, such as their culture, customs and also the local flavours that inspire food dishes and drinks from the region.

The videos are Manti in Istanbul, Gelato in Florence, and Gin in Barcelona. You can view all three videos, and learn a little bit more on

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