Titanic 2 ticket demand renewed following latest launch news

Titanic 2 ticket demand renewed following latest launch news

It was back in 2012 that the Australian billionaire announced that he was to build a replica of the Titanic and that the ship would be called Titanic II. She had been expected to set sail in 2016, although a series of delays put the project in jeopardy, and many of us assumed that the project had been cancelled. We were told a few months back that the ship was still going to be released, although no new date was shared at that time.

However, the latest Titanic 2 ship news is a positive one, as Palmer has announced the project is still a go, and the new Titanic 2 launch date will be in 2018, which makes it two years behind schedule. This is certainly great news for the project, although we have to wonder why the official website for this new cruise liner has yet to offer these updated details?

One thing we do know though, and that is the fact there will now be renewed demand for Titanic 2 ticket prices. Details of Titanic II tickets had already been shared, but not their prices. We do know that there will be first, second and third class like the original liner, and some people have been offering up to £640,000 so they can be the first to experience life aboard the Titanic 2.

This is not the only Titanic related news, as a theme park in Sichuan Province, China is set to open a life-sized Titanic themed hotel and casino in 2017.

The image above is thanks to Daniel Quinn.

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