Current MS Hamburg cruise ship position in Milwaukee

Current MS Hamburg cruise ship position in Milwaukee

There seems to be a great deal of attention towards the MS Hamburg cruise ship, and for those of you that wonder why this is, it is because freight ships usually sail into the port of Milwaukee, but MS Hamburg is now in port.

The German cruise ship arrival for the port of Milwaukee will see 400 passengers get off and enjoy a range of excursions to see what Milwaukee and the surrounding areas have to offer. She is set to spend a few days in port, and so passengers will have time to get to know what this area has to offer.

The current MS Hamburg cruise ship position allows passengers to check out the local breweries with a choice of tours, or even visit the Harley-Davidson museum. There are also a number of eateries that serve up German food, so it will be interesting to see what the Germans think of that.

She is currently on a tour of the Great Lakes and will Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan.

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