Last minute Thomson Cruises adult only bookings surge

Last minute Thomson Cruises adult only

The kids have gone back to school, and the UK weather has started to change in terms of its temperature. The weather often becomes very unpredictable from September onwards, although it has not been a very good summer. It’s these factors that has contributed to the fact that Thomson has seen a surge in last minute, adults only bookings, and this includes cruises as well.

The weather in the Med is still pretty warm, and will remain in the mid 20s till at least the middle to late October, and so there are a bunch of last minute Thomson Cruises adult only bookings, one of which we have already booked.

We are set to go on Thomson Celebration, and while she is not all that modern, she has benefited from several refits so that her interior is a beautiful place to be.

You can see on this page that there are many options open to adults traveling alone, and the icing on the cake after your Thomson Cruise would be to book one of the adult only hotels. Not only that, but if you book one of these cruises now that sails between November 2015 and October 2016, then you will be able to use the code (51917) in order to get £75 off your cruise.

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