Updated Southampton cruise ship schedule for 2015

Southampton cruise ship schedule for 2015

Rather than go to a particular cruise line to see what cruises are coming up over the next few days, weeks or months, some people would rather look at a certain port to see what ships will be coming in, and then go from there. If you live in the UK, the most popular cruise port is Southampton, and its schedule is pretty much sorted for 2015, although there could be a few minor changes.

The most recent Southampton cruise ship schedule for 2015 can be found HERE, although there could be a chance that a certain vessel does not show up because it has yet to enter the system.

The information was last updated today, September 8, 2015, but because things can alter you are advised to look at the Planned Movements section and only within the next six days to get the most accurate information.

This is the only service that offers live data feed by ABP, and the information that you see in the first link above is updated every 10 minites.

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