MSC Cruises app updates services and benefits

MSC Cruises app updates services and benefits

With the world moving more towards mobile devices when using the Internet, it is understandable that the top cruise lines are keeping their apps up-to-date with the latest features. The official MSC Cruises app is a fine example, as this was recently updated to bring with it new features, as well as bug fixes.

Even though the MSC Cruises app updates comes with a host of new services and benefits, we cannot help wonder if the app will also receive another update in September? We say this because the app will need to support iOS 9.

The MSC Cruises Android app is now on version 1.5, while its 1.1.3 for iOS. However, they come with the very same updates, and these are now being available in South Africa, opening of sales for MSC Meraviglia cruises, and also various bug fixes.

For those of you that have never downloaded this app, then some of its key functions are real-time tracking of all MSC Cruises ships, latest MSC cruise deals, virtual tours of all the ships in the fleet, information about all itineraries, and so much more.

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