Update: Carnival Liberty cruise full refund and future discount

Carnival Liberty cruise not cancelled

Update: Carnival Liberty has not yet left St. Thomas, but the cruise line has given passengers a full refund and also offered them 50 per cent off a future cruise. Not only that, but each passenger has also been given $150 of onboard credit on this current cruise.

The Carnival Liberty fire was put out long ago, and now the ship is safe for passengers and crew to board once again. However, the last we heard, the ship has yet to be given the all clear to get underway from St. Thomas, although that could change anytime now.

This is good news because it means the Carnival Liberty cruise is not cancelled, although we are uncertain if Carnival will offer any sort of compensation to those affected by the fire.

Latest reports say that a team of experts are still on the ship evaluating many of the systems to make certain the ship is safe to set sale once again. However, passengers onboard can use all of the facilities and hope to hear the good news very soon that Carnival Liberty can get underway.

Possible Carnival Liberty refund – Going on past events like this, we here at Cruise Ship News presume that Carnival Cruise Line would offer its passengers a full or partial refund on this cruise. However, they could choose to offer some sort of credit towards a future cruise, or even a free cruise in the future.

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