New Princess Cruises promotion confirmed for UK

New Princess Cruises promotion confirmed for UK

Princess Cruises has announced a new promotion for Tony Roberts, who comes over from parent company Carnival. He used to be the Carnival UK director of technology partnering, but has now been given what is said to be a promotion as vice president for Princess Cruises for not only the UK arm, but also Europe as well.

Roberts replaces Ludlow, who has since moved on to P&O Cruises, and so will be interesting to see where he takes Princess Cruises UK moving forward.

We have high hopes for this appointment, seeing as though Roberts has come up with some amazing ideas in the past for Carnival UK, such as the Polar Online booking systems. Not only that, he also came up with the e-ticketing and Cruise Personaliser platforms.

Paul Ludlow will certainly be missed, seeing as though he oversaw many projects with Princess Cruises UK, such as the launch of Royal Princess – so it will be interesting to see what Roberts will bring to the cruise line. We do know that the Royal Princess Class 3 ship is on order, but does not have a name yet, and so Roberts is sure to oversea that project.

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