Tianjin update: Mariner of the Seas cruise monitoring

Tianjin update

Royal Caribbean is monitoring the Tianjin news updates due to the fact they have a sailing from the port tomorrow, August 15, 2015. However, from what we have been told so far, the Mariner of the Seas sailing on Aug. 15 is set to go ahead as scheduled.

They have come to this decision based on the current information they have to hand, as Royal Caribbean has been liaising with the port authorities at Tianjin, China.

The company has said if they receive any new information, then they will contact their guests and crew, but as of now there are no Mariner of the Seas changes to her scheduled departure.

We have seen plenty of reports in the news as to the situation in Tianjin, where the Environmental Protection Bureau said that contaminants had been contained. However, Tianjin’s residents are still nervous because they believe that the public are not being told the full truth. If this is the case, then the Bureau is playing a dangerous game because not only of the environmental impact, but to the health of the residents as well.

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