Azamara Quest, Journey refurbishment for 2016 cruises

Azamara Quest refurbishment

Azamara Club Cruises has announced that two of its ship are to benefit from a refit, both of which will take place next year, although will be completed just before the summer. Both the Azamara Quest and Journey will benefit from the refurbishment, which will make their 2016 cruises all the better for passengers.

Not just minor refits – Azamara Club Cruises has said that all areas of the ships that passengers see will get some sort of improvement. This includes staterooms, dining areas, entertainment venues, spa rooms and a lot more.

Azamara Quest and the Azamara Journey will also be getting new venues, and improved technology so that passengers can better enjoy their time while on these ships.

Azamara Journey is to start her refit in January 2016 in the Bahamas, while Azamara Quest will enter dry dock in April 2016 in Singapore.

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