Star Trek: The Cruise tickets price from $975

Star Trek- The Cruise tickets price from $975

From time to time there are themed cruises, such as the upcoming zombie one, although we have a feeling the new Star Trek: The Cruise will prove far more popular because of its huge fan base. What makes this one even more special is the fact that William Shatner will take the helm, along with several other actors from the franchise.

Star Trek: The Cruise tickets start at $975, although that price does go up to $7,500 per passenger – which only the die-hard fans will pay. The date for this six-day voyage will be in January 2017, and so plenty of time for the finer details to be worked out.

However, if we were you, we would hurry to book one of these tickets, as they are bound to sell out fast – yes even at those prices.

Actors on Star Trek: The Cruise will be William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, Robert Picardo and Marina Sirtis. We hope that other actors will sign-up to appear on the cruise, and so you should watch this space.

The Star Trek cruise will take place on the Norwegian Pearl, and you should book your cabin now so that you can take advantage of the best rates and the low monthly payments plans.

Update: We can also confirm that John de Lancie and Denise Crosby will be on this cruise.

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